Top Platforms to promote your songs

Are you a newly music, art starting a new career? This article is for you, am going to show you where to promote your song and make it seen by larger audience; it is all artist dreams for their song to be heard and for them to be notice by larger audience, as we can see in reality the number of people coming into music industry in Nigeria is on the rise, and making it more strict for new artist to be seen or heard, this will require extra effort from you to ensure your song sail through the industry, before where there is no crowd in the industry, it is more easier for you to have a breakthrough in the music industry, just once you are good and talented you will definitely make a breakthrough, that was before not now.
I will be sharing you platform to breakthrough your competitors, this strategy am going to be showing you involve mostly the social media platform, we are in the modern age, and it is advisable to move with the digital trend if you want to succeed in your music career, if you check or observe, main source of artist wealth come from making used of digital platform to sale or promote their song, so as a new artist you should not hesitate to follow the trend of digital platform, so let be seeing ways to make your music career known by larger audience.


Facebook is the first social media on board, the platform which has almost 10 billion active users, with this platform you can grow a large audience make a huge fans, and make you song travel worldwide, there is no prominent music artist who is not using Facebook today, how to get fans on Facebook is not that much hard, all you need to do is to upload your best music video or audio link in Facebook and make sure you use a good  music art or video to attract your fans. Let see how you can use Facebook to promote your music career.

How to used Facebook

  1.  SignUp with Facebook
  2. Create a business or fan page with Facebook
  3. Add your profile and a cover photo, with good and clear graphics on it.
  4.  Post some of your music work like audio and video
  5.  Choose a video to promote
  6. Use Facebook ads to promote the video


Instagram is another place for promoting music, it is one of the best platform show your music work, Instagram is more of celebrity social media, you get to advertise yourself showcase you music video and there by tagging people, popular artist and you can also run an Instagram ads to get more reach or fans, I have probably seen many young artist getting a high turn up of their music reach on Instagram, the power of Instagram can never be underestimated, all you have to do is create an account with Instagram signup post image or short video and tag people, never forget to use hashtag it is very necessary when creating an account on Insatagram, with hashtag people can get to know your song, and also share your songs to their friends on Instagram or other social network.


YouTube is one of the greatest social medial though it is mainly for video posting, in record there are about billions of users using YouTube, with Youtube, you can promote your video, there is no music video that is not on Youtube, your prominent stars you know of all uses Youtube, not only music promotion you also has the opportunity to monetize your music video, there are couple of Nigeria music artist have celebrated their views on their Instagram page, tis is how much this platform can help you in succeeding in your music career, to open a Youtube account, you should use Gmail address and signup to open a YouTube account and don’t forget to play along with their community guidelines


Audiomack is a music streaming and audio distribution platform that allows artist to upload music and podcast to large audience, this platform is one place you can promote your song, there and millions of users all over the globe using Audiomack, the platform is design to make your music seen easily and it also promote your music in the search result on google search and other google platform, there is no famous artist ignoring the power of Audiomack to promote their song, to start creating or using Audiomack make sure you record good songs and signup with them and start uploading your song, by doing so never forget to share your Audiomack page with your fans on social media, encourage them to share it to others.

Apple Music

Apple Music is an online store design by Apple Inc, this online store enable musician all over the globe to upload and monetize their songs, you only get paid when someone purchase your song at your own prize, this medium is very popular and it has help many musician to to gain and make more reach of their track to millions of people all over the globe, all you have to do is signup and start selling you song in apple music store.

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