The Journey of Nigeria Music to Global Scene


Nigeria music has been in existence since ages, music commonly known has Afro beat , dough there are other genres of afro beat you can year, since in the 80s we have a lot of great Nigerians who has gave their best in the industry and up till now their song will never be forgetting, in the likes of King sunny Ade, Oliver the co, sir victor, oyeka, late sunny okusson, late Fela, etc. These great men and women has done a lot to the Nigerian music industry, dough each has their partner to music, some which based on cultural background known as Fuji, high life, Afro dance, Afro reggae, Afro jazz and so much more. By then Nigeria music was little heard at the international level, just a few of Nigeria artiste doing song similar to the western world like Jazz music but in Afro style, the like of Fela was spotted as father of Jazz, Fela who uses Jazz song to tell real life story and not letting out music talking about government oppression that fight the military regime then, bought the world attention to his song, from there he began to perform in the international scene before his death, he was believed to have died of illness known as AIDs.

In the 90s Nigeria music start spotting the like of younger people changing the style of music in the 80s, afro beat started coming to play where afro pop , afro dance, and afro hip hop started coming to play, musicians like Daddy shoki was known for a particular dance known as Galala or Shoki dance step, we also have the like of Baba Fryoo, Tony Tetula, and few other creating a new kind of song for the younger people, there song started making waves and drawing little younger people to music.

Not till early 2000s the like of 2face, face, black face, Eldie, Ruggedman, Dbanj, Don Jazzy, D Prince, MI Abaga, and so much more also change the pattern of Nigeria music to RnB, afro dance and modern hiphop, this guys I will say drive the industry to Africa acceptability, their song drive a huge crowd to their live performance, most especially 2face many see him as the person that took over Fela, his kind of son was afro pop and RnB, coming from Benue state Nigeria, 2 face was once of the music group known as Platainshun Boiz consisting of Face, and Black face, before each too their path, 2face was one of the vibrant musician then competing with other Nigeria artiste like Dbanj, the twin brother Psquare, Eldee and others his single Africa queen too the globe by storm, which he was awarded with multiple music award nationally and internationally , Africa Queen gave Nigeria music little global relevance most especially in Africa, Nigeria musicians started penetrating other Africa countries to perform with huge crowd showing up to watch, musicians like Psquare, Dbanj, 2face, Face, J Martins, are sin as gods when it comes to stage performance, their crowd pulling is something that will marvel you. Nigeria started witnessing more people coming into music e.g. Ice prince, Jesse jagz, Danfo Drivers, Jungle boys, walcomzy, Timaya, Naeto C, etc come in place to contribute a huge quarter to the music industry.

In 2010 Nigeria music came to a new tone, it is like a re-brand of music, 2010 Nigeria started witnessing a huge turn of crowd to the music industry most especially the younger once, before music was been done more by the elderly people from age 24 downward, 2010 Nigerians started experience age of 18 trooping into the industry and doing so much well, musicians like wizkid, Davidoo, Olamide and others was amazing to the industry, their song drew a larger propulsion of crowd, it was a new vibe of music from them, this younger people took Nigeria music to the upfront it was their era we heard of foreign artist started collaborating with Nigeria music, Wizkid and David for example has earn marvelous award where  no other Nigeria artiste has earn, the has surpass to perform only in Africa and advance to America and Europe where they also has a huge fan base, it was through them we started hearing Nigeria song playing on America and European countries radio station and also song topping their music chart.

As for now Nigeria music is very remarkable to the global scene, where other artiste across the globe are willing to collaborate with Nigerian musician to produce a hit song, something which was rare and never possible, it has now become a regular thing, Nigerians fans are happy that Afro song now has a global attention and acceptability.


Nigeria music in the nearest year will compete heavily with other global music, with the rate of talented musician emerging and sponsors coming into the Nigeria music is on the rise and paving way for the industry to take over the globe, we now have foreign and famous music record label investing more in Nigeria artiste, this is a sign Nigeria will be the next market for music hearing.

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