Successful Big Brother Naija/Africa Winners


Big Brothers is currently the leading entertainment program in Nigeria and Africa, Big Brother was firstly started from Europe and was founded by John De Moi Jr, the program finally entered into Africa on 25 May 2003, since then there has been a lot of interest in the program, the country host of the program was in south African then, the program was said to generate billions of dollars, in Africa the program has attracted billions of views and interest, it is one program that has sold so far, the program is a pure TV reality program, that feature different people of different background, different interest, who really don’t know themselves but put in one house until they are evicted, the last man standing becomes the winner of the program, dough the winner is been chosen by E-voting or SMS voting,

After few years of Big Brother Africa Not taking place, it was introduce to Nigeria, known as Big Brother Naija or short form BB Naija, the program first episode kick of 2017, Nigeria was a kind of stand steel for the program, BB Naija then generated a huge controversies, some which kick against the program calling for the government to shut down the show, because of it high level of illicit graphics, and children are mostly involved in watching the show, well that doesn’t stop the program from taking off, the organizers of the program said that the theme of the program is to produce star and empower the winners. Since then the program has produced up to 3 winners.
So I will be showing you top winners and their level of achievement aftermath the program, let see how far they have gone in terms of fame and financial growth, they have used the influence of the program to achieve

Cherise Makubale

Cherish Makubale is the first winner of Bigrother Africa, she is from Zambia, Cherish Makubale contested the show with 12 other house mate which gave her victory, before coming into BB Africa Cherish is known as manager in an import and export company, she also took modeling as a career, her winning was so amaze and welcomed by larger crowd, after the show Cherish uses her money to start her own export and import company known as Cherish Trade, she has employed a huged number of youth in her community, she also decided to start some pageantry academy which she has help and raise beauty model in Zambian.

Richard Dyle Bezuidenhout

All the way from Tanzanian he was one of the most controversial in the house, but still yet he knows how calm the house, Richard Dyle Bezuidenhout finally won the game and a prize of $100,000 was offer to him, Richard quickly migrate to Canada, where he started a life and today he is happly married and has two kid, dough much has been heard from him since show, he always choose to be on the low.

Ricardo venancio

He is the winner of the 2008 Big Brother Africa, one thing about him is that he is the James Bond of the house, he is just a way to good for ladies in the house, Ricardo has formally contested the Brazillian Big Brother house, but never crown winner, his stay was so short, before he decide to for BB Africa which e finally won, since then Ricardo has been a low, we never heard too much about him.

Kevin Chuwang Pam

Kevin Chuwang Pam was the first Nigerian to win the television reality show; it was also the same year that IK Osakioduwa took over anchoring the show and, this time, instead of the initial $100,000, Kevin walked away with $200,000 and found love in a fellow housemate who he eventually married, Tanzanian-born Elizabeth Gupta. With his prize money, he founded his own company, Down2Earth Entertainment. He also started an initiative tagged “Jos Bring It On”, where he gives the youth a chance to express themselves and pursue a career in entertainment. The University of Jos graduate, relocated Jos with his family where he currently runs his businesses, one of which is a restaurant called “Gupsy Delight”, which is run by his wife. The restaurant serves intercontinental and African dishes. Kevin Pam also runs an NGO called “Naija Pikin”, with which he invests in needy Nigerian/African children. Lately, he has put his musical career on hold to focus on his wife and two children.
Uti Nwachukwu
He became the second Nigerian to won the program after Kevin Chuwang, he is one of the most controversial person in the house, dough after his winning, Uti Nwachukwu become very famous in the Nigeria entertainment industry, from modeling to acting and become so viral on social media, Uti is one of the most successful winner of Big Brother Africa in terms of fame.
Usually, it’s a good thing, they say, when someone gets the kind of money Keagan got from the BBA Star Game. Unfortunately, in his case, he didn’t make good use of his prize money, though he claimed to have invested most of it. He also did a degree programme in Business in order to achieve his lifelong goal of becoming a billionaire at 50. To top it all, he was involved in a motor accident in Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa. The accident shattered his arm in three places; fortunately, he recovered fully. He has since been visiting sites, cycling and taking time to find himself in his hometown in South Africa.

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