Latest News: Wide Reaction from Fans over Wizkid Yet to Released Album (Made in Lagos)


Nigeria popular singer and pop art, Wizkid also known as star boy, has face loot of backlash from fans over yet to release his album he promised to, Wizkid is one of the pop star and the biggest artist in Africa, has made lot of fame in Africa and beyond Africa, he is few of those that has taking Afro music to the world, he has made series of album in total of 3 album, which are Super star under Empire Mate, Ayo under Star Boy Music, Sound from the other side under Star Boy music, the latest fourth coming is Made in Lagos, the album has been anticipated by Wizkid fans, it was announce since late last year 2019.

Made in Lagos released date was announced on 16 July of this year, which gave fans a high hope of expectation, but then end up disappointed, as the album was postponed to unknown date, it has reach several month still  no released was made, there is a lot of speculation going that it might due to that the album was postponed due to Davido, Burna Boy and other prominent art are to release almost that same month, may be in order to prevent comparison of album Wizkid decided to postponed his album to an unknown date, as we may know, Davido and Burna Boy has been Wizkid competitor in the music industry, there is huge argument on who is the present king of African music, with Burna Boy just released album Twice as Tall which is currently making wave both African and internationally, this stand as a strong competition to Wizkid upcoming album, as Wizkid, Davido and Burna Boy are  the people dragging who to be the king of the afro music.

Wizkid this days hasn’t been that too current on music he only got feature once in a while, many has argue that the star is gradually losing his talent or spirit on music, music in those years is one person that love dropping hit back to back, but this days he seems to have drop, we hardly see or hear that he drop single on his own, he is mostly featured on people song, not only that his award winning potential are becoming very slim for the singer, his fans are becoming worried of if Wizkid is running out of song, dough he still recognized as one of the biggest African art, Wizkid is one of those that have taking African music to the world he has breaking some record in Africa, as he was the first African to have perform in Royal Albert Hall in  London where he pull a massive crowd and sold all ticket, this was a glorious achievement for Wizkid, wizkid come over make a remarkable moment on Youtube where he becomes the first African to have over a million views within 24hrs, this is so rear and very fast, the music featured Canadian rapper Drake, Wizkid international lime light started with Drake having collaboration with him, later they collaborate to produce one dance, the song which has top Wizkid to prominent music chart and has made him to become the first African artist to appear on Guieness Book of Record, the song tok him to Grammy nomination category, when talking about award he has bag so many award in Africa and to other part of the world.

Wizkid has been seen as legend of his time, and the world are waiting for his new Album to drop, Made in Lagos as the Album title implies it look the young star will talk more on his locality and never forget from where it all started, even dough it was rumor that Wizkid no longer base in Nigeria mostly, it look like everywhere he goes Nigeria is still in his heart, most especial Lagos, Ojuelegba to be precise, which he has used to title his single that went viral, Wizkid has no doubt written his name as one of those that took African music to global recognition, many believe this new album “ Made in Lagos has something bigger and going to earn the star more accolade, since the album released is yet to be announced, we are guessing may be till when the COVI 19 crisis settled down then will can hear a new date for the released.



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