Build Your Confidence Level in your Career


Anyone who is willing to work on their self confidence can master it. Even the most successful speakers and leaders lack confidence at certain times. But how can you improve your self confidence?

Read Success Stories

Finding someone with a similar entrepreneuirial or motivational story is always helpful when you are struggling with low confidence.

You did not Fail, You Pivoted

The fear of failure stops us further from taking risks and trying new ways or things. Failure teaches you about all the things that couldn’t works and it is okay to feel disappointed the first time you fail. Pivoting means learning the lesson and moving forward in a newly informed direction while reminding yourselves that no failure is permanent. Believe in yourself, your aim, and your abilities. And keep aiming high.

Believe You Can Do It

If you do not believe you can do it, you won’t get anything done. When you believe you can do it, you begin to think about all the things necessary to bring your idea to life and instead of “Can I do it?”, the question becomes “How will I do it?”

Step out of your comfort zone

Try something new as often as you can. As you succeed on new challenges, the likelyhood of being afriad of new challenges will lessen.

Start small: Go scuba diving, learn a new dance, learn to code. Every single goal you accomplish provides proof that you can do it, and that success is always within your reach, an extremely valuable lesson for an entrepreneur.

Ackowledge your doubt

Whenever you’re in doubt, say out loud, “I’m in doubt” and then continue talking about your goal. Having doubts are normal. Acknowledging doubts and saying it aloud ensures that they don’t keep nagging at the back of your mind. You are able to see what exactly is the problem is so that you can get moving on addressing those issues and it also strengthens your resolve.

Celebrate the small wins

Become more confident by using your accomplishments to reinforce your resolve. Let yourself get pumped up by your big (and little) victories.

Being aware of your confidence and strengths will make it easy to shake off groundless feedback, criticism and self-doubt – and that in turn builds more confidence.

Be Accountable to Mentors

Great mentors have been shown to make significant impact in entrepreneurial success as they can inspire entrepreneurs adequatelu by sharing their experiences in the exact same situation. They’ve felt the same concern, fear, doubt and uncertainty.

Finding the right mentors begins by asking, networking and being willing to learn from them in order to find ways to boost new business initiatives, increase revenue, funding, acquisitions, partnerships, and more.

Learn continuously

More specifically, learn what’s relevant. I bet half of the things you learned at school are forgotten. This is mostly because education is based on a collegiate curriculum that, most of the time, is irrelevant to a work project or any of the stages in the entrepreneurial journey.

Know Your Worth

This means carrying yourself in the manner you want to be perceived: look people in the eye, give sure and firm handshakes, don’t underestimate your work, and keep a journal of things you’ve done well and lessons learnt.

Simple changes like these can do wonders for your confidence, productivity, and overall happiness levels, while helping you get the best out of your business.


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