Babalorisa Paulo is said to be the Richest Native Doctor in the World

Who could ever think there could be a richest native doctor in the world, and a Nigerian will finally become that richest person, Babalawo as they said it in Nigeria local language means a Herbalist, a spiritual man or a voodoo practitioner,, it is no doubt Voodoo is mostly practiced in Africa, Asia and Middle east and sometimes most part in Europe. Voodoo as being a longtime practice in the world, they are responsible in making magic for healing, money, protection and Goodluck charms.
Many see this act of worship as people who don’t make money, most especially in Africans they believe this sect of people don’t make money from their service the render, but the doubt has been broken, when a Nigerian was said to be the richest Voodoo priest in the world, his name goes by Babalorisa Paulo Ty Omolu II,  or also can be called Baba Paulo by his fans he is from the South West  region in Nigeria,  Baba Paulo has been in this practice for so long before travelling to Europe where he stays, he got married their and bless with kid, Baba Paulo has done so many service for so many , his patronage has testify to his service that they actually work the way they want it, he has made good luck charms for his client, he has done quick health healing.
Baba Paulo is one out of other Voodoo priest, as he is found with flashing lifestyle and expensive ears, cars, house Baba Paulo live a lavish lifestyle, he do goes to vacation from countries to countries with his family through expensive airline and cruise ship ticket, he never lack anything, he is one man that never neglect his family, in his social media page, he is commonly found with his white wife and kids, to Baba Paulo his reason for showing off is to erase the mindset of people about tradition practice and how they see them, many people see them as poor and those living in forest, to Baba Paulo he is trying to change that mindset, as he is trying to make the younger generations to buy his ideal and come back to their long practice tradition, because most African has drop the practices of voodoo, and the practice is about to go to extinction.
Baba Paulo is consistently posting and encouraging his twitter followers to believe in their tradition and themselves, here are some of his twitter quote from him.
“What reveals our strength is not to be unbeatable, tireless, and invulnerable. It is the courage to move forward, albeit with fear. It is the will to live, even if we have already died a little or a lot, here and there, by the way. It is the intention not to give up ourselves, however great it is sometimes the temptation. . They are the kind of gestures and tenderness that only the strong can have.”
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Who are these people that I, Here am coming from where, what makes them extol it with such energy and faith? They are the Adoxús my father Òlúwàiyé, Sacred and Chosen offspring! Are Ketu Sons coming from Hunter Earth ! The reason the Exaltation is in Omolu Emana to all present, this incredible energy that has this ASE here we return to the past, here we find ourselves with nature.
Here are free, here are happy, here we break down prejudice, we broke the aches and pains here has Rivotril here has depression, here are a Egbe, where everyone is one, and the reason that binds us are the Orisas, I only oriento, and they teach me too, where there is admiration, love absolute elapsed.
Baba Paulo has associated himself with high and mountain in the world, as he has been consulted and paid awesomely for his service render, he has other ventures that generate him income also,  he is into agro product such as animal farming where his client buy for scarifies, he mostly rare wild and animals that are not common in our domestic environment, not only his farming business, he also own real estate in Europe and America,  which are fetching him millions of dollars, in an interview Paulo said he will probably think of investing on ventures that will help the younger generations, most especially from Africa, where he originated from, he also said in the interview that he is working to promote his art of magic to younger ones, that his Voodoo way of worshiping could be the solution to the world, that people don’t need to go to hospital where in critical illness, Baba Paulo said that voodoo should be the way,  Baba Paulo is said to worth $10 millions.

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