About Us

Latest Naija Music is an entertainment and lifestyle magazine that focuses on Nigeria and Africa daily activities on entertainment industry; we analyze music and celebrity lifestyle and give it to our audience for their reading pleasure.

Latest  Naija Music aim and objective is to grow and promote the Nigeria entertainment industry, we are more concern in contributing our own quarter to see the development of the entertainment industry, that is why we are determine to create content that will be useful to our users or followers, content that will inspire, entertain and been creative to the desire of our users, on like other media that focus on profit, Latest Naija Music put their focus to make sure their user and followers are well satisfy in our content.

We have come a long way not just being a magazine we are trusted by Nigerians as one and only entertainment platform online that deliver to it audience, our mission drives our value, no other reputable media has done it like us, the way we search for reliable information and filter the best of information that is why we are more prefer than other medium media in Nigeria. We are being able to cut across Africa as a whole, the growth of our audience keeps marveling us, we thought as a medium we could boast only focus on Nigeria and denying our strength and will power to cover Africa as a whole, as of today it is very possible we now have a wider audience like no other African online media

Management and Staff

Kelvin James is the chief editor of latest naija music, he started this journey of media for about 10 years ago, not until he find the ideal and concept of Latest Naija Music, which he gradually started and today the magazine has earn him some accolade, he has successfully won some indigenous award as the best writer in 2018 and 2019, all this came through because of the success of latest naija music magazine. Mr Lelvin James is not only just a writer, he is also a certisfi digital marketer in Nigeria, his certification came from Google Digital for Africa, an online digital marketing course. Kelvin has enormously contributed a lot to the Nigeria entertainment industry, where he is a member of the Nigeria talent initiative, the scheme was structured to assist younger Nigerians to achieve their entertainment purpose and career.

Kelvin James is a graduate of university of Lagos, he graduated with B.sc in mass communication, Kelvin James has work in different media company in Nigeria, in 2002 he worked with the Nigeria Pilot newspaper, and 2010 he work with guardians news paper, this is where he drive his experience to set up his own media, and today Latest Nigeria Music is a big success to him, according to Kelvin James He said the aim of Latest Nigeria magazine hasn’t reach the height he wanted it to reach.

Aim and Objective of Latest Naija Music

  • Become the most reliable magazine in the globe
  • Magazine with solid content
  • Promote the entertainment industry worldwide
  • Assist younger or upcoming people in their career.