Abia state Announce Entertainment Festival to be held September 2020


The Abia state government has announced the commencement of the entertainment festival, in the state capital through its ministry of tourism and heritage, in a public briefing the commissioner of the state made the announcement shortly after they finish a brief meeting on how to set up the program in the state. If you recall the new governor elect, governor Obi Ken, in his campaign message, his promise to make the state an entertainment hub and place to build and develop the younger generation.

The commissioner of tourism in the state said the festival won’t be like others elsewhere, he said Abia state is fully prepare to drive this agenda to the youth and he also said the agenda will be held for a period of 1 week, that there will lot of activities to be held in this event, the commissioner when speaking said that despite the COVID 19 era, that the state is fully prepare to put measures on ground and there will strict guidance to COVID 19  safety practice, the commissioner also said that the state government is preparing high quantity and quality of face mask to ensure, mask shouldn’t be a issue and all mask will be sell for cheaper amount to encourage usage of the face mask.

When speaking the commissioner said the state has budgeted 3 billion naira for the festival and in no course will the festival lack any lapses, he said top entertainers in Nigeria and the world are coming to be part of this breakthrough event coming forth, their coming is to train and mentor the Abia youth on ways to succeed in the entertainment world, since a lot of youth in the state has stated their interest in entertainment industry, the government want to use the medium to impact in their life and show support for the people. The festival is too held in 5 local governments in the state and there will talent hunt for music and those that have an interest in the movie and each winner of the talent hunt will be rewarded and giving scholarship.

The state government through it commissioner of tourism said the state is not just involve alone that top private organization are coming in to partner with the state, he sate a few of them, as Multichoice Nigeria, MTN Nigeria, Milo PLc, Star bear drink, Marvins record, Star Boy Music, DMW music, INNOSON vehicle and so much more, the commissioner also guaranty security at the day of when the event will commence.

Speaking to some youth in the state, the express joy over the state government for showing them attention and supportive in what the larger youth in the state has interest for, they said the previous government hasn’t given them the support this present government has given them, here are what some of the youth said

Obina Eze said “ I have a dream for Nollyhood and I think the state government has given me the chance to show myself, am very happy something great like this is coming to Abia state I never thought I will see a day”

Jane Okoye said “The state government is one of a kind, he truly deserves another term for this singular gesture, am happy to see Abia to become the next entertainment hub in Nigeria “

Emeka Okonkwo said “thank God I will be an opportunity to meet and see top Nigerian entertainers in the state, and I will like to show my talent in playing the keyboard, and producing music, I will like to see the Marvin boss, Don Jazzy, I will be grateful to learn from him”

The state commission of tourism said the event will increase productivity which in turn will increase the GDP of the state, it was also notify that there is a huge theater been build for entertainment and it will be the largest in Africa, the state government is determine to take entertainment to the next level and also generate massive income from the sector, when ending his speech, he told Abia youth to also support the government and be law abiding, that the present government is ready to give a huge support on matters or interest of the youth.





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