About us

Latest Naija is an online news platform located in Lagos, Nigeria, we are reliable news outlet, with well precise information, without bias against any form of political affiliation, nor race or gender, we give a reliable reportage that break, we follow the journalism standard of reporting, that is why we have attain high followers because of our reliability of news we give out.

Latest Naija has come a long way, as we are much interested in making our readers or followers happy and confidence when reading our information, we also educate our followers on things that concern them like business, and finance education.

Our Aim and Objectives

At latest Naija news, we have draw our aim and objectives of what we aim to do and achieve with our plaform.

  1. Reliability Information: this is one of our aim and objective to give a reportage without dilution or tend to afflict damage to one’s race, ethnicity, religious, political party or gender, we are here to combat fake news by dishing out the real information.
  2. Civil Education: we also tend to educate our follower’s on how to behave in a civilize manner when in public to reduce the rate of unacceptable activities or manners, so with this we dish out information that will educate our followers.
  3. Business Education: we also want to contribute our service to help reduce the rate of unemployed graduate and the dwindling economy through our business education.