ASSU chairman in Akure branch has offer his own solution on how to end the excessive strike and bad educational system in Nigeria, the chairman offer that their should be a law to ban public officials children for schooling abroad, in his statement he said that is the only remedy to the issue of Nigeria educational system, he further said our politician or public servant will take this country serious if things affect them directly.

“Members of the ruling class and their cohorts have their wards schooling abroad, so they do not commit to ending ASUU strike since the political office has become occupational rather than public service.

“Until we domesticate two very important practices as laws in Nigeria, we may not get out of this doldrums -first, an act to compel all public office holders and government appointees to have their wards educated in Nigeria public schools from primary to tertiary level.

“Secondly, an act to compel all political office holders, appointees and their dependents prohibiting them from seeking medical intervention outside Nigeria. When these two laws are enacted, perhaps we will gradually see the end of needless ASUU strikes in the country.

“Until such a time when the government does the needful (our ivory towers properly funded, our withheld emoluments paid amongst other issues), the struggle continues,” the statement partly read.


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