Ibrahim at a stakeholders’ meeting tagged “Natural Gas: The catalyst for Nigeria’s economic renaissance”, added that switching to gas is vital as there are concerns that pump price could increase even further to about N350 per litre.

According to him, many filling stations in the country have already started setting up multi-fuel models to dispense CNG and LNG. This, he said would deepen the utilisation and consumption of gas in the country while also saving Nigeria trillions of naira
He added that over 50 conversion centres are currently upgrading for mass conversion and trainings as the country does not have enough technicians to retrofit motor vehicles in the country.

He said: “We need to build about 500, 000 conversion engineers in the next 90 days to ensure that the retrofitting of the vehicles go as planned. Fifty conversion centres are currently upgrading for mass conversion and trainings and over 30,000 vehicles are already running on dual fuels in Nigeria.”
Ibrahim said to deepen domestic cooking gas usage, the NGEP had set up Micro Distribution Centres (MDC) nationwide to bridge the supply and accessories gap between the market and consumers.
He said the NGEP was established to provide job opportunities for the nation’s teeming youths, saying that every single molecule of gas exported is creating job opportunities for other countries.

“We need to rethink how we manage our gas resource. The objective of the NGEP is to reinforce and expand gas supply as well as stimulate demand in the country through effective and efficient mobilisation and utilisation of all available asset, resources and infrastructure in the country,” he said.
He noted that the programme would change the narratives of the Nigerian economy and would also mop up untapped flared gas potential.


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