A police has reportedly shot a motorcyclist to death, this has raise tension in Portharcut, River state, this is coming after the large and the most biggest protest in Nigeria, “The End Sars” protest, which campaign about the dreaded police unit SARs and calling for police reformation in total to end the menace of the Nigeria police

It was reported that a policeman shot dead a tricycle driver over refusal to give N100 bribe at Rukpokwu axis of the state.

According to our investigation, we also gathered that some other persons sustained injuries when the police fired additional rounds of shots on people who protested the gruesome murder of the 19-year-old driver. 

The development, which is coming barely two months after the #EndSARS protest that reverberated across the country, has since been greeted with outrage with Nigerians airing their views over the issue on social media platforms, especially on Twitter.

In a thread posted by Kofi Bartels @Kofi_Bartels, at least two dead bodies suspected to be from the Rukpokwu shooting were taken to UPTH by police officers. 

In reaction, a Twitter user, Ayodele Emmanuel @EMMAYO_01 said,
“I think we should hold the IGP responsible. He’s been going around and telling them to use maximum Force up and down.

Similarly,  Sorbari Igbiri @Sigbiri said, “The day people generally find out how worthless their lives are in their own country, that day will be the beginning of pangs of distress. Fix your country, please. Fight for the people, the very insignificant ones.”

Okpanwa Uchenna @OkpanwaU wrote, 
“We should #EndSARS; we need to continue the protest. I think we’re being played with. The Nigerian police have no regrets for all their killings, believe me, more deaths will come to our youths unless we do something fast.”

In what seems to be like sparks of anger, Rinu #ENDSARS  @SavvyRinu
said, “A 19-year old youth that was hardworking and could have been the Governor of Rivers State tomorrow has just been killed in Port Harcourt.

Wike, where are you?
If you had been kīlled this way when you were a youth, would you be Governor today?”

While Fortune @F_Osinachi opined, “Let it be known that the killing at Rukpokwu was not a stray bullet. It was a direct shot in the head of a Keke rider that refused to part with N100. #EndSARS was barely 7wks ago & here we are. @MBuhari asked people not to protest, but how do you stop this anger.”


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