(The Culture) My Experience Touring Imo State, Nigeria.


Imo is one of the Nigeria state in eastern region Nigeria, full of great culture and good people, I thought of where to spend 2 week weekend in Nigeria then i have to browse what state to visit during this August 2020, I found out that Imo state will be holding so much festival so I decided to visit the state, so from Lagos state Nigeria, I took a flight to Imo state, where I landed in Owerri the state capital, so I took a taxi to Rock View hotel, a four star hotel in the state, inside the taxi the views of the city made me excited in my mind I said yes I have made the right choice for my holiday, when I reach at the hotel, I book an executive room for my comfort, so that day I felt tired so I wave to rest and prepare my tour for the next day.

And so it is a new day, just Wednesday as precise, so I said my morning prayers, brush my teeth, then I took my tap device and pen and paper to write down my schedule on where to visit in Imo state, the state has 27 local governments in total, Aboh Mbaise. Ahiazu Mbaise, Orlu, Ikeduru and Oweri as the capital etc. My wish is to visit all local government in my short stay, so as a new person in the state, I wouldn’t know all routes or place, so I have to contact a tourist agency Eze Travel and Tour  so the management sends me a staff Mr. Obi who is the tour guild, he is the one to handle my tour in the state, an average height, dark in completion and a native of the state, he is so a wonderful tour guild agent, who knows all route of the state, so I sat with him that morning to make our tour plan, after making the tour plan  I head up to the bathroom take my bath and eat my breakfast, then I put on my cloth and off we go.

The first place in our list is to start with the state capital, the capital is not that too big, we started from Douglas and head over to government house Owerri, the city center is so much lovely, so much lively and entertaining, there so many open bar in the city, clubs in the city and live event, owerri at night never look like less busy even at working days, unlike other city where working days look very calm and less busy, that is not for people of Owerri, no wonder the city is consider as one of the lively city in Nigeria, that day we went from live night event to another, one of my favorite place I visited is Igbariam bar and live event, the place is very attractive, there you can see live band, different kind of eastern food and drinks, firstly together with my tour guard, I order for a point and kill rabbit, where within 30 minute the meal was prepared, I was nice day spending there, I also taste other meal like abacha a local easter dish made from cassava, fish, garden egg, vegetable, I enjoyed being there. Thereafter Mr. Obi took me to some finest nightclub in the state where we dance and catch the fun, Owerri the capital was such a wonderful place to be.

Day 2 of my tour, Mr Obi my tour guard told me we will still tour some place spot centre in Owerri, I thought the previous day we have done in Owerri the state capital, I never knew there were so many places to visit in the city capital, we went to channel 0, This place is one of the oldest and most popular spots in Owerri. It is best known for its delicious shawarma, prepared in hygienic conditions. Probably the best place to buy sharwarma, you are guaranteed of getting your money’s worth. You can get Chicken sharwarma for NGN700 and NGN600 for beef sharwarma. You can also include sausages or go for a mix of chicken and beef or even just extra beef, depending on your preference. We also went to the Owerri Amusement park, a beautiful park where you can relax and chill. We were there for about 3 hours, thereafter later in the night we went clubbing and catching fun to some bars.

Day three of the tour, I and Mr. Obi went to Aguta local government, the place is highly made for tourist, I was very pleased to be in Aguta, I saw wide cultural display by the people, beautiful scenario, I never know a place like this could be in Nigeria, from there Mr.Obi took me to the beautiful blue lake in Aguta, the lake is so beautiful, I meet other tourist people from different nationals, tribe or ethnicity in the lake catching fun, there was a resort near the lake where I book for a room, because I told Mr. Obi that we are not going out from Aguta, I must witness the night life of this beautiful place, so I book a room and drop my bags, hurriedly I went for a boat ride with other tourist, the lake is very beautiful. Aguta lake is considered as the  biggest lake asides from Lake Chad in Nigeria, the lake was a port for the evacuation of palm products in the colonial era as well as a marine base for the Biafran Navy during the civil war. Referred to as Ogbuide or Uhamiri by Oguta locals, The Lake has attracted a lot of visitors and tourists over the years. Unlike most other natural lakes you will come across, the waters of Oguta are pristine, not salty and do not harbour any dangerous animals. Hence, they are conducive for swimming and sightseeing. While visiting the lake, you can either go with swimming trunks or have a picnic on its bank and do some fishing.

It was night in Aguta the resort I book was already filled with tourist, there is a lot of fish barbecue, wow assorted fish preparations, there is a dish I will never forget in Aguta, it is called white soup, this dish I will recommend anybody to have a taste at this finger licking dish, so delicious, there is lot of event in Aguta during the night, so much fun.

To cut he story short, I tour some places like Nekede, also attended some festival where I saw people with culture, the state is high bless for tourist and culture, if you ask me if I may recommend you to visit the state I will definitely say yes.








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